3 Best Things for investing money

Yes, if you have money and looking for investing , then there is 3 best things to investing your money which will increase day by day

1. Real Estate : This is most known way to invest money in real estate, buying older property and sell it latter with profit, in real estate best way is hold that property for longer time period and repair some of major part of that property, and give it to rental, the rent will comes every month after few years property price will increase then you can sell with better price, this is the best thing to investing money.

2. Stocks : if you have knowledge about stock then you can invest your money to buying any companies shares, but you should take it longer and you have to do market analysis for that company , is this company tacked any credit from banks, or companies daily growth, you have must knowledge about that company in which you are investing your money

3. Gold

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